Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Some Good Things

I've been a regular Negative Nellie (odd how chronic pain will really put a damper on one's cheerful outlook) so here are some things that are not terrible:

  • We have no debt (aside from the mortgage).*
  • The spouse has an excellent and well-paid job with great co-workers. 
  • We live in a beautiful, idyllic region of the state.  
  • There is a creek in our front yard.  Also, two flower gardens and a dozen fruit trees.
  • My kids get a longer leash here than I felt was safe when living in a city.  (Example: this fall, Bug will be walking home alone.  He is seven.  It's not very far.) 
  • Even though they're far away, I have excellent friends.
  • The other moms around here are very kind and helpful. 
  • We see my parents frequently and it is great.
  • There is a really good major medical center not too far away.**
  • There is free bluegrass on Wednesday mornings and Sweetpea dances along and wiggles her little tushie.
  • I only have 25% of the headache I had ten days ago.***

* WELL, technically we do, as we have a 0% loan on the van, but we have... enough to pay it off in our checking account.  I feel that doesn't really count. 
** An hour and a half.
*** Admittedly, ten days ago I felt that being run over by a truck would greatly improve my quality of life.  

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Memo to Brain

Hey Brain,

Look, I know we've had a rough last.... well, about 50 days.  And I know that yes, historically speaking it has been Not Awesome to lay awake in bed, in pain, for hours every night.

But this thing with throwing a panic attack every time I lay down in bed?  Not so cool.  Yes, I know, you got all conditioned.  Please, please knock it off.

(Suggestion for how to decondition my stupid brain are welcome.)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Dispatches From Brain

Ego: "Shh, it's okay, it's just physiology."
Ego: "Dude, I can't work under these conditions."

Lizard Brain: "WEIRD BRUISES we're all gonna die"
Ego: "It's probably... NSAIDs plus prednisone, right?  Yeah.  It's okay."

Ego: "You're right.  I give the fuck up."

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Yet More 20(ish) Word Book Reviews

Stranger in Olondria (Satamar): Female author, POC characters!  I wanted to like it, but the scenery was too lushly colored with richly descriptive mannered prose.  Read two chapters and gave up.

Traitor in the Tunnel (Y.S. Lee): Respectably entertaining mystery, though suffers from Historical Accuracy Syndrome (Ladies Didn't Do Stuff In History) and Brooding YA Hero. Please stop writing romance into every young woman's story!!!

Red Rose Chain: another good read from Seanan McGuire.  No women were overridden, unnecessarily romanced, or harmed in a gendered way in the making of this book.

Tower of Thorns (Marillier): less interesting than the first one in this series, not least because the heroine says "That ridiculous choice I made once?  Let me do it a few more times." Ummmm.

Owl and the Japanese Circus/ City of Angels (Charish): entertaining fantasy/mystery. Heroine also fails to learn from experience, but in a more plausible way.  Plus, it's fun and fluffy.

Chapelwood (Priest). Too strange and violent for me; did not finish.

Penric's Demon (Bujold): Okay, and a moderately interesting short, but entire paragraphs feel like they were lifted from various other novels.

Burned (Jacka): Another solid entry in a great series (urban fantasy, heavy on the fantasy, not too 'gritty').  Writer is male, but women do many things.  The ending was a little unsatisfying but more to come, presumably.

Study in Ashes (Holloway): Couldn't finish.  Too much angst and wandering around.

Goddess with a Blade: Bored, didn't finish, I don't even remember why.

Murder at the Brightwell (Weaver): Tolerably decent mystery, nothing to write home about, did not guess murderer.  Not violent.

Magic Stars (Andrews): Not Good.  A big step away from the plot-driven previous stories in the series and into later Laurell Hamilton-style very detailed violence, with 50% less interesting happenings. Please, make it stop.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Where's Waldo? (Contains: Whining)

Sick.  Since... June 13.  Two rounds of steroids, three kinds of antihistamines at once, and ten days of antibiotics.  It hurts to eat.  Tonight I had scrambled eggs and gluey rice pasta for dinner.  

Anyhow.  It will get better again some day.  Today is not it. 

Friday, July 01, 2016

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Well! I have recently been to visit the nice doctor for, I thought, a refill of the boring asthma inhalers.  (Though not - I specified - the exciting ones.)

The nice doctor was rather concerned that I've spent so long being so ill, and the persistence of various things, and the fact that I turned up rubella-non-immune while gestating Sweetpea.  So!  Now I get to go be screened for a truly distressing array of Not Great Stuff.  And, you know, some of it is quite plausible.  This whole mess IS all outside of the normal range.

But, on the BRIGHT side, I would now be quite grateful for it to be JUST the world's worst allergies.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


... in all the senses.

My yard is still weedy.  The flowers are growing and are very pretty

My job is still in limbo because Outgoing Chair has not yet Outgoed.

The job I don't want has had zero qualified applicants. I am aaalllllmost tempted to apply... but I really don't want to manage conflict for a living.  (Is this better than nothing?  Probably not.)

The children are still children.  I have attempted to solve this by sending them to camp.

My health has reset itself to pre-Sweetpea levels (IRONY ALERT: discovered I was pregnant five days after that first one, though I didn't write about it for a while). It is a work in progress.  I would like to return to 'not in constant pain'.

Everything else is just going along.  Sweetpea is using baby sentences.  Everyone is getting wet and muddy on the regular (creek in middle of front yard). Dr. S has research students as usual.* I have now stayed up too late writing.

* Every humanities faculty member ever: "It must be so HELPFUL to have research students!"
Me: "Have you ever baked cookies with a three year old?  Now imagine four at once."