Thursday, February 11, 2016

Don't Read Depressing Things For Fun

Things I have, unwisely, read in the past week:

OMIM: Look at all the distressing things genetic material does!  Biased heavily towards the awful, on the grounds that there are few case reports reading 'Probable diagnosis of rare genetic syndrome, one episode of mild symptoms, otherwise fine.' (Case series excepted.)

MMWR: Look at all the distressing things infectious diseases (and sometimes acute environmentally acquired terribleness) are doing this week!  Read it and shudder, then go bleach everything!

Comment sections almost everywhere: Look at how terrible people are in the absence of social pressures to the contrary!  (I recommend Ravelry instead, where complete strangers will put themselves out to be nice to fellow humans)

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Because it's my birthday and I wants it.

Leave me a comment? What's your favorite cake? (We are in a chocolate rut.)

(For my birthday this year, I am dragging my students through yet another thrilling lab, then watching another one year old for five hours. Parenthood is so glamorous.)

Friday, February 05, 2016

Helpful Hint

If you are leaving your stuff behind in a giant heap for others to dispose of for you,

and if one of those things is a computer...

and if you are leaving these things with your family...

... please erase all your Glee erotica fanfic bookmarks first.  PLEASE.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Role Reversal

Otherwise Excellent Doctor to me: 'Maybe an ultrasound would be helpful.'

Me: 'Okay, but how would that information change anything we're going to DO?'

OED: '..... good point.'

Running cost of breastfeeding troubles, food not included:
ENT: $150, $40 = $190
Medical visits: $15 x6 = $90
Prescriptions: $15, $15, $50, $15 = $95
Asst. related supplies: $100


Plus food.
May or may not be less expensive than formula but is NOT free. 

(It also transpires that never ending boob problems- in this case, a milk blister that will NOT go away no really no matter what, leading to blocked ducts and/or weekly nipple unblocking with sharp pointy needle, by me- can be helped by applying steroids and antibiotics [triamcinolone and mupirocin], with bandaid, four times a day.  I recommend Curad Truly Ouchless band-aids; several other varieties hurt immensely, left me with peculiar rashes, or were otherwise unsatisfactory. They are latex free; naturally, I am allergic to latex.  I leave this information for the Google Machine and the next poor soul experiencing this problem.)

Friday, January 29, 2016

This Is Just to Say

-My children have murdered the laptop and will get no more screen time NEVER EVER because we don't have a television.

-School cancellations inspire me to rage.  It.  Is.  The.  Mountains.  It fucking snows every year.  Please can we stop cancelling school for ice.  A small amount of ice in a city with no buses and 7000 inhabitants.  Please.

-Something is Not Right in the southern hemisphere here and my otherwise great family practice docs say 'wait and see' BUT it had already been Not Right for 20 days or I wouldn't have gone to the bloody doctor.  

-Not everyone has to be like me BUT I cannot contain my disbelief every time someone takes their healthy toddler/larger child to the doctor because of something harmless ONCE.  The kid had ONE day of fever or threw up ONE time!!! Panic!!!  Whyyy. 

-Related: Treatment guidelines. Read them.  Because the doctor did. 

-Also, when I am sick I hate everyone. Yes.  I am sick right now.  

-The usual is Not Right in the boob region and in consequence I am cutting Sweetpea's nursing back to four times a day (morning, morning nap, after lunch, bedtime).

-Sweetpea is compensating by nursing foreeeeeeever.

-It continues to take only small amounts of chronic pain to send me into a Despair Spiral.

-I have a Weaning Plan!  (Step One, 'teach baby to take nap without nursing to sleep' has already happened.). And a deadline: June 1.  At the latest.  June is summer and summer means DONE.  

-How do... people put babies to sleep without nursing?  Do I give her, like, milk and a snack before bed?  I don't even know.  

-I continue to realllllly want more like 50% of a job but to reallllllly not want 100% of a job and this continues to be frustrating.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Gratitude, Briefly

A friend's apartment caught fire last week.  Complete loss. So, so fortunately, everyone got out safe.

I am tok far away to do anything but spreadsheets (we have a spreadsheet for that) but I am grateful to have a warm, dry house that is not on fire.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Recipe: Incidentally Vegan Dosa-ish Waffles

This recipe originated due to a tragic lack of gram dal in rural Virginia.  My children eat it cheerfully (generally with peanut butter), it's flexible, it has protein in it.  It's good with curry!  You can make quite a lot!  Etc.

Do Ahead Version:

Soak overnight in two separate bowls:

1 lb bean of your choice (red lentils, black eyed peas, NOT kidney beans)
A cup or two of any kind of rice
- for more authenticity, boil water, pour it over the rice, then soak overnight: dosa rice is parboiled

Pour off most of the water, saving about two cups somewhere.
Grind the beans in a food processor, adding water until it forms a smooth thick paste that is the consistency of pancake batter or glue. Put in a bowl.  Then grind up rice the same. Mix together and leave, covered, in a warm place for 2-3 days. If you have sourdough starter of any kind, you can add a little. It should smell kind of like yogurt.  If you're worried about it, add a tablespoon of yogurt and a pinch of yeast before fermenting. After the 2+3 days add about 2 teaspoons salt and mix well.

Cook in a well-oiled nonstick waffle iron on the high setting.  Good with practically anything. Batter keeps a long time in the refrigerator and can also be made into dosa-like pancakes, though it may need thinned a bit.

Oh No What's For Dinner Version:

1 lb red lentils
2 c rice flour (or wheat, if you want)
Some water
Maybe an egg

Pour boiling water over lentils and leave them for about 15 minutes. In the meantime, mix flour and water to a medium thick paste and add yeast and salt.  When lentils have cooled enough to handle, grind as above and mix into flour.  Add an egg if you feel like it, and salt.  Waffulate.